I. SQL 명령어

여기서는 PostgreSQL에서 사용할 수 있는 모든 SQL 명령어에 대해서 설명하고 있다. "SQL" 이라는 일반적인, 표준화 된 언어라는 측면에서 각 명령어들의 설명과 함께 그 명령과 관계된 다른 명령들을 참조 할 수 있도록 하고, 표준 SQL과의 관계에 대해서도 설명하고 있다.

ABORT -- 현재 트랜잭샌을 중지한다.
ALTER AGGREGATE -- change the definition of an aggregate function
ALTER COLLATION -- change the definition of a collation
ALTER CONVERSION -- change the definition of a conversion
ALTER DATABASE -- change a database
ALTER DEFAULT PRIVILEGES -- define default access privileges
ALTER DOMAIN --  change the definition of a domain
ALTER EXTENSION --  change the definition of an extension
ALTER FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER -- change the definition of a foreign-data wrapper
ALTER FOREIGN TABLE -- change the definition of a foreign table
ALTER FUNCTION -- change the definition of a function
ALTER GROUP -- change role name or membership
ALTER INDEX -- 인덱스 속성 변경
ALTER LANGUAGE -- change the definition of a procedural language
ALTER LARGE OBJECT -- large object 변경
ALTER OPERATOR -- change the definition of an operator
ALTER OPERATOR CLASS -- change the definition of an operator class
ALTER OPERATOR FAMILY -- change the definition of an operator family
ALTER ROLE -- change a database role
ALTER SCHEMA -- change the definition of a schema
ALTER SEQUENCE --  change the definition of a sequence generator
ALTER SERVER -- change the definition of a foreign server
ALTER TABLE -- change the definition of a table
ALTER TABLESPACE -- 테이블스페이스 속성 변경
ALTER TEXT SEARCH CONFIGURATION -- change the definition of a text search configuration
ALTER TEXT SEARCH DICTIONARY -- change the definition of a text search dictionary
ALTER TEXT SEARCH PARSER -- change the definition of a text search parser
ALTER TEXT SEARCH TEMPLATE -- change the definition of a text search template
ALTER TRIGGER -- 트리거 속성 변경
ALTER TYPE --  change the definition of a type
ALTER USER -- 데이터베이스 롤 변경
ALTER USER MAPPING -- change the definition of a user mapping
ALTER VIEW -- 뷰 속성 변경
ANALYZE -- collect statistics about a database
BEGIN -- start a transaction block
CHECKPOINT -- 트랜잭션 로그에 강제 체크포인트를 지정한다.
CLOSE -- close a cursor
CLUSTER -- cluster a table according to an index
COMMENT -- define or change the comment of an object
COMMIT -- 현재 트랜잭션을 커밋한다.
COMMIT PREPARED -- commit a transaction that was earlier prepared for two-phase commit
COPY -- copy data between a file and a table
CREATE AGGREGATE -- define a new aggregate function
CREATE CAST -- define a new cast
CREATE COLLATION -- define a new collation
CREATE CONVERSION -- define a new encoding conversion
CREATE DATABASE -- create a new database
CREATE DOMAIN -- define a new domain
CREATE EXTENSION -- install an extension
CREATE FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER -- define a new foreign-data wrapper
CREATE FOREIGN TABLE -- define a new foreign table
CREATE FUNCTION -- define a new function
CREATE GROUP -- 새 데이터베이스 롤을 만든다.
CREATE INDEX -- define a new index
CREATE LANGUAGE -- define a new procedural language
CREATE OPERATOR -- define a new operator
CREATE OPERATOR CLASS -- define a new operator class
CREATE OPERATOR FAMILY -- define a new operator family
CREATE ROLE -- define a new database role
CREATE RULE -- define a new rewrite rule
CREATE SCHEMA -- define a new schema
CREATE SEQUENCE -- define a new sequence generator
CREATE SERVER -- define a new foreign server
CREATE TABLE -- define a new table
CREATE TABLE AS -- define a new table from the results of a query
CREATE TABLESPACE -- define a new tablespace
CREATE TEXT SEARCH CONFIGURATION -- define a new text search configuration
CREATE TEXT SEARCH DICTIONARY -- define a new text search dictionary
CREATE TEXT SEARCH PARSER -- define a new text search parser
CREATE TEXT SEARCH TEMPLATE -- define a new text search template
CREATE TRIGGER -- define a new trigger
CREATE TYPE -- define a new data type
CREATE USER -- 새 데이터베이스 롤을 만든다
CREATE USER MAPPING -- define a new mapping of a user to a foreign server
CREATE VIEW -- define a new view
DEALLOCATE -- prepared statement를 지운다
DECLARE -- define a cursor
DELETE -- delete rows of a table
DISCARD -- 세션 상태값들을 버린다
DO -- execute an anonymous code block
DROP AGGREGATE -- 집계 함수를 삭제한다
DROP CAST -- 자료형 변환 규칙을 삭제한다
DROP COLLATION -- remove a collation
DROP CONVERSION -- remove a conversion
DROP DATABASE -- 데이터베이스 삭제
DROP DOMAIN -- 도메인을 삭제한다
DROP EXTENSION -- 확장 기능 패키지를 삭제한다.
DROP FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER -- remove a foreign-data wrapper
DROP FOREIGN TABLE -- remove a foreign table
DROP GROUP -- 데이터베이스 롤 삭제
DROP INDEX -- 인덱스 삭제
DROP LANGUAGE -- 프로시져 언어를 삭제한다
DROP OPERATOR -- remove an operator
DROP OPERATOR CLASS -- remove an operator class
DROP OPERATOR FAMILY -- remove an operator family
DROP OWNED -- remove database objects owned by a database role
DROP ROLE -- remove a database role
DROP RULE -- 룰 삭제
DROP SCHEMA -- 스키마를 삭제한다
DROP SERVER -- 지정한 외부 서버 등록정보를 삭제한다
DROP TABLE -- 테이블 삭제
DROP TABLESPACE -- 테이블스페이스 삭제
DROP TEXT SEARCH CONFIGURATION -- remove a text search configuration
DROP TEXT SEARCH DICTIONARY -- remove a text search dictionary
DROP TEXT SEARCH PARSER -- remove a text search parser
DROP TEXT SEARCH TEMPLATE -- remove a text search template
DROP TRIGGER -- 트리거 삭제
DROP TYPE -- 자료형 삭제
DROP USER -- 데이터베이스 롤 삭제
DROP USER MAPPING -- remove a user mapping for a foreign server
DROP VIEW -- 뷰 삭제
END -- 현재 트랜잭션을 커밋한다.
EXECUTE -- execute a prepared statement
EXPLAIN -- show the execution plan of a statement
FETCH -- retrieve rows from a query using a cursor
GRANT -- define access privileges
INSERT -- create new rows in a table
LISTEN -- listen for a notification
LOAD -- load a shared library file
LOCK -- lock a table
MOVE -- position a cursor
NOTIFY -- generate a notification
PREPARE -- prepare a statement for execution
PREPARE TRANSACTION -- prepare the current transaction for two-phase commit
REASSIGN OWNED -- change the ownership of database objects owned by a database role
REINDEX -- rebuild indexes
RELEASE SAVEPOINT -- destroy a previously defined savepoint
RESET -- restore the value of a run-time parameter to the default value
REVOKE -- remove access privileges
ROLLBACK -- 현재 트랜잭션 작업 취소
ROLLBACK PREPARED -- cancel a transaction that was earlier prepared for two-phase commit
ROLLBACK TO SAVEPOINT -- roll back to a savepoint
SAVEPOINT -- define a new savepoint within the current transaction
SECURITY LABEL -- define or change a security label applied to an object
SELECT -- retrieve rows from a table or view
SELECT INTO -- define a new table from the results of a query
SET -- change a run-time parameter
SET CONSTRAINTS -- set constraint check timing for the current transaction
SET ROLE -- set the current user identifier of the current session
SET SESSION AUTHORIZATION -- set the session user identifier and the current user identifier of the current session
SET TRANSACTION -- set the characteristics of the current transaction
SHOW -- show the value of a run-time parameter
START TRANSACTION -- start a transaction block
TRUNCATE -- empty a table or set of tables
UNLISTEN -- stop listening for a notification
UPDATE -- update rows of a table
VACUUM -- garbage-collect and optionally analyze a database
VALUES -- compute a set of rows